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Lawn Care: Tips to Have a Healthy and Eye-Catchy Lawn


A lawn is the first place your visitors will see if they visit you. Whatever they see all around will leave impressions on their minds. This is the reason lawns should be taken care regularly especially during the season of fall where grasses easily absorbed energy and get nutrients and moist from the ground. You should leave a better impression to those who wants to gaze at it.

Every step you will need to do to take care of your lawn should always matter. There are habits frequently done by some homeowners which they thought can make their lawns healthy. The health of your lawn depends on how you take care of it and how well you do it.

There is no need for you to gain expertise in the proper care of lawn. You feel the care and you are ready to provide it. With proper awareness and mindfulness, you can definitely achieve an attractive and eye-catchy lawn everybody wants to have.

Following these tips, we provide you will perfectly ensure your lawn will look lush and healthy again. You will also find informative ideas regarding the reasons for the steps that should be taken to make sure your lawn will grow attractively and free from disease caused by different factors like season, the frequency of watering and products needed to be applied for weeds control.

Treating Broadleaf Weeds

Treating Broadleaf Weeds

These invaders were dandelions, dollar weed, clover and other types of broadleaf weeds. It is recommendable to make a habit to sprinkle them with granular products. This can be best done early in the morning where the lawn is covered by dew so that broadleaf weed products can easily stick to the leaves of those weeds. You can also do it every season of fall or spring for the product to take effect.

It is prohibited to use the granular products during the hot season. Therefore, they can only work during dewy or wet days.

Using Weed Preventers

Weed Preventers

These are also called pre-emergent herbicides which function in controlling crabgrass and other annoying weeds. It helps in stopping the seeds of these weeds from germination further. Make sure to use this during the growing season of these weeds to ensure its effectivity. It is also the best use during the blooms of forsythia from March until which also varies per region. After it bloomed, that is the time where the weed seeds started to germinate.

Make sure to water it after you applied it. This is also best used during fall or late spring season. Do not apply the crabgrass preventer once you planted a seed because this may control the growth of the seed.


fertilizing lawn

Fertilizer is applied to ensure the growth of your lawn. The growth also depends on the amount of fertilizer you are going to apply. To ensure a healthier growth, apply the fertilizer during fall or spring season where bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescues grow. The growth of these grasses may be slow at this time, however, their color are still green. This is done to ensure they will get a healthier and cool appearance on the next spring.

This is also best applied during summer and late spring season where zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda are growing. Before the application, the lawn was overseeded by winter grass. Avoid applying the fertilizer on dormant grass during summer or winter to avoid it from getting drought.

Remember that amount of fertilizer that should be applied should be considered, too. The greater amount of fertilizer, the more likely for the grass to grow healthy. You must read the informations of the product first before application process to check if there is a recommended amount of fertilizer that should be applied.


aerating lawn

Aerating loosen the soil and reduce the buildup of thatch. This is best done if soil is moist while grass is starting to grow. Avoid aerating during times where the soil is dry because if it hardens, the aerators cannot deeply penetrate on the soil. In this case, you need to water it first. Rainy season is also the best time to aerate.

Grubs may also have an unnoticeable growth until the season of fall why it is difficult to control. You can just wait and apply the grub killers during early summer for a more effective result.


watering lawn

Water is the basic need of your lawn to grow healthy. You need to regularly irrigate it to keep its cool color, especially during dry season. This can be best done early in the morning. Do not water your lawn during nighttime or afternoon to avoid from too much moisture and immediate water evaporation respectively. This is a habit usually done by some people and they are not ware it is harmful to the lawn.

Water the lawn either once or twice weekly for the roots to penetrate deeply compared to regular watering because the lawn may also be easily harmed by drought.


mowing lawn

The appearance of the lawn depends on the frequency of mowing. Some people make it a habit of mowing their lawn every weekend. This is right, however, if spring came, the recommended mowing schedule should be every four to five days maximum.

Do not wait for the grasses to grow tall before you mow it since it can destruct the appearance of the lawn. You need to use the one-third rule: control the cutting of the grass exceeding to one-third of its height. Your mower has grass height setting. Do not wait for the grass to grow more than the height you set on the mower to ensure its attractive appearance after mowing it.

Same with your home, your personality may also reflect on the surroundings of your lawn. Your personal care to it is seen on how it is growing or how does it looked like. The beauty of it can also complement your home and give a comfy feeling every time you look at it. It is nice to gaze at your window seeing them growing healthy and green.

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