75+ Best Covered Patio Ideas & Designs for 2018

Trendy patio photo in Los Angeles

Covered Patio Ideas – Your patio doesn’t have to deal with rain and other issues all the time. It makes sense to have Covered Patio Ideas and use them the best way that you can. The focus has to be on quality and you need to adapt all of that to your own ideas. Once you do that, nothing will stand in your way, so try to consider that as much as you can. Here are some quick Covered Patio Ideas that you can start using as fast as you can!

What are the benefits of having a covered patio?

  • Lets you enjoy outdoor parties rain or shine – with the right type of cover, your family and guests can be safe from sudden showers or the UV rays
  • Protects patio furniture and floor– can shield your furniture and patio flooring from direct sunlight that can cause bleaching
  • Adds beauty to your home exterior – enhances your home aesthetics as it comes in various styles and materials that complement the outdoors

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Covered Patio Ideas

This is a good idea because not everyone has a good patio for the entire family. But this is a good one because it fits a lot of activities and it’s not super large too. That alone makes it perfect in a variety of ways, all you have to do is to figure out what option works and how you want to adapt it to your own needs.

covered patio ideas

Concrete Patio Kitchen

Sometimes the best Covered Patio Ideas come from using wood for covering your patio. Using this material is not always the best option. But it can work very well and it can adapt things to suit your own needs. It’s still a tremendous value and quality, something that can indeed pay off immensely in that perspective.

concrete patio kitchen

Patio kitchen – mid-sized rustic backyard stamped concrete patio kitchen idea in Boise with a pergola.

Nice pergola with the fire pit underneath. Could be good where the patio is right now or somewhere else in the backyard.

Concrete Patio Remodel In Milwaukee

This Covered Patio doesn’t feel luxurious, but it works with any kind of home. And you can add some natural lights like that to make things pop in ways you would not imagine. Of course you can also play with colors if you want, that can work very well too.

concrete patio remodel in Milwaukee

The inspiration for a mid-sized contemporary backyard concrete patio remodels in Milwaukee with a fire pit and a pergola.

The pergola.. the seating and the tiki torches.

covered patio ideas 2

Adding in some plants in your Covered Patio is one of the nicest things you can do. Sure, it’s one of those risqué things that can be very demanding, but then again you can still adapt that to suit your needs, so try to consider it.

Patio Kitchen In Melbourne

Grills work great for a patio, but a covered one might make things tricky here. But this particular one actually delivers a tremendous value and quality, and it offers you a distinct perspective as well as lots of value in no time.

patio kitchen in Melbourne

Large trendy backyard tile patio kitchen photo in Melbourne with a roof extension.

Stone Patio Design In Seattle

A campfire pushes things to the next level for a covered patio. The idea is to always try to come up with cool new stuff. And in this case it does work quite nicely for you, since you can adjust stuff all the time with it.

stone patio design in Seattle

Example of a mid-sized classic backyard stone patio design in Seattle with a fire pit and a gazebo.

Make It Pop

Sometimes the best Covered Patio Ideas will be the ones that really make your patio stand out. Putting some flames near it and a balcony above can really make things more interesting for you. The idea is to always come up with cool new stuff and express yourself if you want to.

covered patio ideas 7

This project combines high-end earthy elements with elegant, modern furnishings. We wanted to reinvent the beach house concept and create a home which is not your typical coastal retreat. By combining stronger colors and textures, we gave the spaces a bolder and more permanent feel. Yet, as you travel through each room, you can’t help but feel invited and at home.

Trendy Patio Photo In Los Angeles

The way you do that is my not making the covering material too demanding. You want to adapt it to your own needs, and that on its own can be quite nice to begin with. It’s a very important thing to adjust the experience whenever you can.

Trendy patio photo in Los Angeles

Trendy patio photo in Los Angeles with decking and a pergola.

Brick Patio In San Francisco With a Roof Extension

It’s a good idea to focus on flowers for the Covered Patio. But not only greens, instead you can use real flowers that adapt to your own needs. It’s one of the coolest options and ideas you can focus on and stuff like this actually works a lot better than you would imagine.

brick patio in San Francisco with a roof extension

Curved Patio Rectangular

The Covered Patio Ideas can also adapt to less space than usual. In this case you don’t have a lot of space, but there’s still enough there to have a cool patio. The idea is to figure out exactly how you harness and use that space to your own benefit. It can definitely work, so try to figure out all of that.

Curved patio rectangular

Curved patio rectangular cover that goes past the patio.

Stone Patio Idea In Charlotte

It’s also possible that you can use the Covered Patio Ideas and take them to new heights on your own. Ideally you want to keep your patio an entertainment place and adjust it based on your own feels. It’s a good approach to use!

stone patio idea in Charlotte

Patio – mid-sized traditional backyard stone patio idea in Charlotte with a fire pit and a gazebo.

Fresh and clean traditional patio los angeles


Including lots of white in the Covered Patio designs may not work well since you have your patio outside. But if you think about it, that can work really well to your own advantage. It’s important to know how to adjust and tackle that, so you can get the very best experience from stuff like this.

Rustic patio santa barbara


Most people will not use daring Covered Patio Ideas because those can be super challenging. But the reality is that you can still get some pretty nice options if you dare to think about innovation. That doesn’t mean they will always work. But without innovating and coming up with good stuff, it’s hard to get the outcome you expect. So don’t hesitate to check out new things if you can.

Tangley transitional patio Houston


If you like a particular color, you can include that in the Covered Patio Ideas. The focus has to be on making that color shine. But you also have to think about functionality and the features that you get from all of that. The more you focus on this approach, the better it will be in the end.

Cozy and fun

This is how many of the Covered Patios need to be. They need to be very cozy, but you also need to have a way to adapt them to your own cool ideas and stuff. That can work quite nicely in the end, so you just have to figure out all that options in the end.

These Covered Patio Ideas aren’t that crazy, at least not all of them. You can use and adapt these to your own needs. Just remember to try out new stuff and see how each one of them can work for you as a whole. Some of these ideas may work nicely, so just check them out!

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