35 Beautiful Flower Garden Gate Ideas, Designs and Pictures

flower garden gate ideas - Japanese Pagoda

Flower Garden Gate Ideas – Hello and welcome to our website. Below you will find a summary of the benefits, main options and some design ideas we handpicked for you along with beautiful photos. Enjoy!

What are the benefits of flower garden gates?

  • Acts as a window into your garden
  • Sets the tone for your home exterior and can establish a theme for your garden
  • Adds beauty and your individual style to your outdoor space
  • Also protects your plants, flowers and vegetables from foot traffic, uninvited animals

What are the main options for flower garden gates?

  • Types: picket, privacy, lattice, natural (made out of branches, twigs), moon, antique
  • Material: wrought iron, wood, vinyl
  • Works well with: arbor, stucco columns, au naturel fence, arches, peek-a-boo accents (iron grills, decorative panels, glass cutouts)

What follows are beautiful photos of flower garden gate ideas along with design options we thought may be of interest to you. Enjoy and happy outdoor decorating!

1. Rose Arbor Flower Garden Gate

Rose Arbor - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • painted wooden arbor with decorative brackets
  • arched white picket gate
  • white regular point picket fence
  • rosebush crawlers
  • brick siding
  • circular brick pavers path pattern
  • screen door with decorative trim

2. Adobe Fence Flower Garden Gate

Adobe Fence - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • arched hardwood gate with iron brackets and lock
  • azure blue painted front door
  • matching azure blue window frame
  • adobe style home and fence
  • viga beams
  • mulched parterres

3. Concave Picket Gate Flower Garden Gate

Concave Picket Gate - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • concave picket garden gate
  • white vinyl arbor teeming with english holly
  • lavender-lined path
  • rustic rope top garden edging
  • gravel path
  • twin topiary shrubs

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4. Lattice Top Detail Flower Garden Gate

Lattice Top Detail - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • wooden garden gate with lattice top detail
  • DIY bamboo fence
  • DIY upcycled log gate column
  • natural stone stepping stones
  • oriental inspired stone and bamboo fountain
  • bamboo privacy fence

5. Weathered Arbor Flower Garden Gate

Weathered Arbor - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • DIY wooden gate with rope handle
  • weathered wooden gabled arbor
  • stacked stone raised bed
  • white cosmo blooms
  • natural stone garden path lined with stoned raised beds

6. Japanese Inspirations Flower Garden Gate

Japanese Inspirations - flower garden gate ideas

Points of Interest 

  • Japanese-inspired wooden gate with square cutout detail and pergola top
  • wood arbor with fairy lights
  • large weathered glazed planters
  • stone tile path
  • square cutout lattice fence calling back the gate details

7. Secret Garden

flower garden gate ideas - Secret Garden

Points of Interest 

  • turquoise wooden facade and door
  • antique ornamental iron bell
  • little window with shutters
  • flower-lined cobblestone path
  • small pagoda and duck statues
  • tall wooden fence

8. Vine Arbor

flower garden gate ideas - Vine Arbor

Points of Interest

  • matte sky blue arched garden gate
  • matching sky blue dog ear privacy fence
  • natural vine arbor
  • antique patinated turtle statue
  • pebble aggregate path
  • blue ceramic glazed planter
  • string lights on natural arbor

9. Japanese Pagoda

flower garden gate ideas - Japanese Pagoda

Points of Interest 

  • torii-inspired wooden swing gate
  • cast iron japanese pagoda
  • pair of red banana plants
  • matching glazed black planters
  • green directional outdoor in-ground light
  • outdoor high back rocking chair

10. White Vinyl Fence

flower garden gate ideas - White Vinyl Fence

Points of Interest 

  • white vinyl picket gate with granite posts
  • white vinyl picket garden fence with regular points loose pebble path
  • painted flag pole
  • stone slab bench
  • pink and yellow daylilies

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11. Slate Grey Pergola

flower garden gate ideas - Slate Grey Pergola

Points of Interest 

  • grey vinyl arched garden gate with hanging planter
  • slate-grey pergola top arbor
  • outdoor wall lamp
  • grey handcrafted planters
  • horizontal lap siding
  • brick garden path

12. Formal Garden

flower garden gate ideas - Formal Garden

Points of Interest 

  • cast iron double swing gate
  • cast iron leaf and scroll archway
  • tall au naturel fence
  • brick steps and grass path
  • terra cotta planters lining the path
  • chain links and poles

13. Yellow Adobe

flower garden gate ideas - Yellow Adobe

Points of Interest 

  • teal arched gate with diamond-shaped lites
  • yellow adobe siding and painted low brick fence
  • brick steps
  • brick garden edging
  • terracotta roof tiles

14. Net Fence

flower garden gate ideas - Net Fence

Points of Interest

  • natural wood garden fence panels and gate
  • garden fence netting
  • raised wooden garden beds
  • newel caps on posts
  • irregular shaped stepping stone
  • pea gravel garden flooring

15. Mortared Arch

flower garden gate ideas - Mortared Arch

Points of Interest

  • cast iron arched gate with circle and flower details
  • mortared stone fence and archway
  • boulder accent
  • stone pagoda decor

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