Top 15 Best Garden Design Ideas for Small Gardens and Shady Areas

garden design ideas - Hydrangea Blooms

Garden Design Ideas – Hello and welcome to our site. Below you will find a summary of the benefits, main options and some design ideas we handpicked for you along with beautiful photos. Enjoy!

What are the benefits of garden designs?

  • Creates a beautiful area for cultivating plants, flowers and encouraging beneficial insects
  • Opens opportunities for all types of gardeners (novice or expert) to express artistic design talents
  • Provides a fun and relaxed space
  • Harmoniously blends the main structure with your garden space

What are the main options for garden designs?

  • Types: shade garden, container garden, tropical garden, flower bed, water, raised bed, vertical garden, deck and formal garden
  • Structures that can be added on: pond, fountain, pergola, arbor, garden bridge, rock formations, outdoor fireplace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen
  • Decor: outdoor lighting, outdoor garden furniture, antique decor, statues, fragrant privacy fence planters

What follows are beautiful photos of garden design ideas along with design options we thought may be of interest to you. Enjoy and happy outdoor decorating!

1. Globe Boxwood Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - Globe Boxwood

Points of Interest

  • trimmed boxwood hedges
  • topiaries in parterre and planters
  • brick garden edging
  • pea gravel
  • slatted wood privacy fence on top of brick fence

2. Basketweave Edging Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - Basketweave Edging

Points of Interest 

  • raised garden beds with wattle edging
  • moss and stone garden flooring
  • wooden lattice trellis and arbor
  • painted wooden obelisk trellises
  • pergola on stone fence

3. All Bricked In Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - All Bricked In

Points of Interest 

  • boxwood-edged garden beds
  • random patterned stone pavers
  • coneflower and rosebushes
  • twin wooden pergolas
  • twin curved back wooden garden benches
  • brick fence in running bond pattern
  • wrought iron garden gate

4. Colorful Oasis Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - Colorful Oasis

Points of Interest 

  • various wooden decks nestled between multi-tiered garden beds
  • stone and boulder edging
  • pond
  • wooden garden sets
  • stone slab stepping stones
  • stone retaining walls

5. Hydrangea Blooms Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - Hydrangea Blooms

Points of Interest 

  • lavender lily of the nile flowers
  • irregular-patterned stone pavers
  • black panther statue
  • hydrangea blooms
  • stone garden bench
  • various terra cotta planters by the steps

6. Around the Firepit Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas - Around the Firepit

Points of Interest 

  • crassula, agave and senecio vitalis succulent parterres
  • raised stone garden bed calling back the firepit design
  • 6 garden chairs
  • stacked stone firepit
  • outdoor solar garden lights

7. Minty Green

garden design ideas - Minty Green

Points of Interest 

  • mint green lattice privacy fence
  • mint green pergola
  • antique brass urn planter in parterre
  • stamped concrete garden flooring

8. Bridge of Greens

garden design ideas - Bridge of Greens

Points of Interest 

  • garden beds of variegated plants, ferns, wildflowers and hydrangeas on both sides of bridge
  • wooden garden bridge
  • ball bubbler fountain
  • white wooden curved back porch swing

9. Outdoor Fireplace

garden design ideas - Outdoor Fireplace

Points of Interest 

  • stone patio pavers
  • red lattice low fence
  • stone birdbath
  • outdoor concrete fireplace with extended hearth/built-in bench
  • antique patinated flower outdoor lights

10. Rustic Garden

garden design ideas - Rustic Garden

Points of Interest 

  • purple salvias
  • natural stone edging
  • gravel garden path
  • tall wooden privacy fence with lattice top pattern
  • wooden shed with dutch door
  • wooden arched pergola gate

11. Rope Railing

garden design ideas - Rope Railing

Points of Interest 

  • narrow pergola with hanging basket plants
  • arbor with crawling vines
  • garden pond
  • wooden garden bridge
  • miniature lighthouse decor

12. Nestled Under Arches

garden design ideas - Nestled Under Arches

Points of Interest 

  • trimmed hedges
  • globe boxwood
  • various plant markers
  • wooden board garden edging
  • clipped vine arches
  • stone fountain
  • wooden garden bench

13. Boxwood Fountain

garden design ideas - Boxwood Fountain

Points of Interest 

  • rectangular-shaped clipped boxwood hedge
  • stone urn planters with cone-trimmed cypress
  • 2-tiered stone fountain
  • natural hedge patio fence
  • irregular-shaped pool

14. Balcony Garden

garden design ideas - Balcony Garden

Points of Interest 

  • balcony garden with various banded, rolled rim, cylinder and bowl and wall terra cotta planters
  • pale yellow metal railing with cutouts
  • wood and rush twine bench
  • stained concrete floor calling back brick siding and planters

15. Rosebushes

garden design ideas - Rosebushes

Points of Interest 

  • rosebushes
  • clipped hedge garden bed edging
  • vine covered fence
  • gravel path
  • wrought iron trellis
  • tall trees adding privacy to the garden

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