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How to Clean Grout in Shower with Environmentally Friendly Treatments


You have to keep the shower tiles clean to prevent grout. In fact, grout is a serious problem and it might disturb the beauty of the tile. The information below is trying to explain about how to clean grout in shower tiles. Just learn and do it before it is too late because grout is the source of porous and stain.

Fresh Water

For mildest grout in shower tiles, you can just use fresh water. Make the tile with grout wet and then rub it with stiff bristled brush. Just make sure that the mild grout removes from the shower tiles. To check the result, wash the tile with warm water. You may repeat the process until the grout perfectly gone from the tiles. Now, you get beautiful shower tiles back just like before.

clean grout in shower use fresh water
use fresh water


How about if the grout stick to the tiles hardly? Commonly, it happens in mild or heavier grout. Fresh water and brush is not enough to clean the grout. To solve this problem, you need a help from vinegar. This ingredient is easy to find and most people keep it at home especially at their kitchen. Before applying vinegar for removing grout, mix it with warm water first. Then, you can put this mixture on a spray bottle.

When the mixture is ready, you can spray the mixture on the grout. Let the mixture on the tiles for a few minutes to remove the grout maximally. After a few minutes, continue the process by scrubbing the tiles smoothly to clean the grout. Wash the shower tiles with warm water to see the result. Sometimes, small part of the grout is still there. You may repeat the process for two or three times until the grout is totally gone and the shower tiles are clean, shine, and beautiful.

clean grout in shower use vinegar
use vinegar

Baking Soda

Some people asking about how to clean grout in shower especially if it is hard grout. It seems that fresh water and the vinegar mixture are not enough to handle this hard grout. One more trick you can use is by using baking soda. Yes, baking soda is also easy to find and also affordable. Just make paste from baking soda by mixing it with warm water. The first thing to do is spraying the grout with vinegar mixture. Then, you can add with baking soda mixture. Let this combination there for a few minutes to remove the hard grout.

clean grout in shower use baking soda
use baking soda

Don’t worry with the foaming after you spray those two mixtures. It is the sign that the mixture is working. When the mixture stops foaming, gently scrub the shower tiles with soft brush or old toothbrush. Do it for a few minutes and rinse the tiles with fresh water. The combination of baking soda and vinegar is strong enough to remove the hard grout in your beloved shower tiles.

Steam Cleaner

One more environmentally friendly way to clean grout in shower tiles is by using steam cleaner. You just need to prepare the steam cleaner and start to point the steamer to the grout. The heat from the steamer is able to remove the grout in the shower especially mildest or mild grout. Sometimes it doesn’t work well for strong grout but at least you can do this treatment first before using different types of treatment. At least, it helps to remove the surface of the grout. Then, let the vinegar or baking soda helps do the rest.

clean grout in shower use steam cleaner
use steam cleaner

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking soda or vinegar seems not working for strongest grout. Don’t give up and try different way. You can still use baking soda but mix it with hydrogen peroxide. Mix these two products and make paste from it. When it is ready, apply this mixture to the grout or strain. Wait for a few minutes and let this mixture works to remove the grout. Rinse the shower tiles with warm water and check the final result. Sometimes you need to repeat the process for two or three times for maximal result.

clean grout in shower use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also considered as the best way to clean grout in shower tiles. Just prepare the lemon juice or lemon oil in a small bowl. Start to apply this liquid on the grout. Let this liquid works to remove the grout. You may help the process by using soft brush. Check the result by washing the shower tiles. Some people tend to mix lemon oil with borax or liquid soap for better result especially if you have to handle strong grout.

clean grout in shower use Lemon Juice
use Lemon Juice

Oxygen Bleach Products

Strong or old grout is difficult to clean even with the tricks above. The best way to remove such kind of hard grout is by applying oxygen bleach products. You can find such kind of product in local groceries at your living area. You need to be careful when you want to use it. Just make sure that it doesn’t contact with your skin. That’s why it is a must to wear rubber gloves to protect your hand. It is also necessary to wear masker to give more protection.

clean grout in shower use Oxygen Bleach Products
use Oxygen Bleach Products

If it is the first time to use the product, just try it in a little portion first. Check the effect to the shower tiles. If it is okay, you can continue the process slowly. Use the product on the hard or old grout and let it works for a few minutes. Brush it with soft brush and wash with warm water. Soon, you can see clean and shine shower tiles just like a new one.


To prevent mild grout, you may spray alcohol to the shower tiles. This is the easiest way to prevent or remove grout away from your beloved shower. Apply alcohol at least once a week and you don’t need to deal with hard grout.

clean grout in shower use Alcohol
use Alcohol

The most important thing, there are several effective ways to clean grout in shower tiles. You just need to choose one of them or even the combination of the list above especially for hard grout. If you know how to clean grout in shower tiles, you can keep your bathroom and shower clean and hygiene for your own comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Try it and share the result.

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  1. Grout is the filler between the tiles. It is supposed to be there! I think you mean mikdew, which grows on soap residue. Or just plain gunk, or scum, which is soap resue. Do not remove the grout!

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