50 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Pop Of Personality

kitchen wall decor ideas

If we want to talk about kitchen wall decor ideas, then the possibility is endless because you can simply put objects on your kitchen wall and call it a kitchen decoration. It can work, but not one can guarantee that it will work perfect. That is why I have in me a list of kitchen decoration that WILL WORK. Too many times I have seen decorations that are not worthy as a decoration and it raises my ire. I have never and will never give you the ideas that might not work perfect with your kitchen, so you can trust me on that.

So, without further wasting both of our time, let us begin this list, shall we?

1. The simple shelve

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The simple shelve
The simple shelve

A kitchen shelve is always a good thing to install because it is both practical and it serves as a fine decoration. You can put utensils and spices over there, and you can add something else that adds to the wholeness of the decoration. The E.A.T cutting boards are also a nice thing to look at.

2. Blessing and whatnots

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Blessing and whatnots
Blessing and whatnots

If you are looking to add a bit of wishing to the kitchen, you can add this particular kind of decoration and write anything on it. While you can get the same effect by putting a whiteboard, a whiteboard is a bit tasteless for me. That is why I recommend you go to your local artisan and ask for this particular piece to be made.

3. Kitchen signs!

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Kitchen signs!
Kitchen signs!

There is nothing more obvious than showing your kitchen off with capitalized words that reads ‘KITCHEN’. This way, you can tell how creative you are in the way of words and how much of a show-off you are (which is never a bad thing provided you can get it done right). It can also help you find your way back to the kitchen whenever you or your guest are lost.

4. The pin by four

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The pin by four
The pin by four

I call this the pin by four because you got a rolling pin amongst 4 picture frames. Within those picture frames, you can put pictures or something else you think a good addition to a kitchen. The rolling pin is there because putting a spatula will only makes it obtrusive. It hangs perfectly nice as well.

5. The menu list

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The menu list
The menu list

Aside from being a good decoration, this one piece is a good thing to have because it can be an informative piece. I love everything that is practical, and you can understand why I have a special place in my heart for this piece.

6. The hanging garden of your kitchen

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The hanging garden of your kitchen
The hanging garden of your kitchen

If you thought that you cannot fit a hanging garden on your kitchen, then this idea will certainly disapprove that. Sure it is never as big as the one in Babylon, but you can be sure that it will be a good thing to add.

7. The fresh product rack

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The fresh product rack
The fresh product rack

When you think you only have your fridge to keep things, that is the moment I think you have given up in being natural. Fortunately, I have this thing that may be a good place for you to keep fresh products without having to put them on the fridge.

8. The cutlery frame

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The cutlery frame
The cutlery frame

Nothing is better than showing off your collection of vintage cutlery, and these frames right there will help you do just that. The white frames can be cool to look at and it will give it a nice, traditional look to it.

9. The clipping frames

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The clipping frames
The clipping frames

While any other frames will have glasses on it to help the picture stay, this one have clips for you to hang your picture. Not only that this is pretty traditional, this type of frame is nice and natural as well.

10. The coffee & tea shelves

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The coffee & tea shelves
The coffee & tea shelves

Coffee and tea are two important drinks of the morning, and putting this one as a decoration will not only make it look good, but your kitchen will be even more practical. You can grab a drink and admire it at the same time!

11. The wine rack

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The wine rack
The wine rack

For you wine lovers, this one decoration will help you keep your wine intact and flavourful. While it does nothing to preserve wine (because wines are better preserved in wooden barrels), it can be a good place to keep your wines and wine glasses.

12. Traditional kitchen lantern

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Traditional kitchen lantern
Traditional kitchen lantern

The lantern will give you a traditional vibe while keeping yourself with the modern trend. Sure the lantern might not be operational, but it will give you something good to look at. Be mindful that it can contrast with the colour of the kitchen if you choose the wrong colour.

13. The wooden clock

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The wooden clock
The wooden clock

Wooden clocks will not do anything without any source of power to power it. It will not tell you the time of the day, it will be a darn good addition to any vintage kitchens. Added to the mix are vase and a candle holder that will only add to the charm.

14. The papyrus touch

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The papyrus touch
The papyrus touch

You know those announcement that the criers always read from? The letters are often written in papyrus and they will come unrolled before the cries rolled them open. If you think those are cool, you can add them to your kitchen as well. I think it gives a traditional touch to your kitchen.

15. Rusty, but charming

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Rusty, but charming
Rusty, but charming

This decoration might look rusty and unlikeable, but contrary to many popular believes, this decoration can work well if you mix it with the whole theme. If you want to have a vintage, rusty diner look to your kitchen, you can include this decoration.

16. CAPITAL fonts

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas CAPITAL fonts

Oversized cutleries and oversized fonts will work together to fill an empty space for your kitchen, especially if you have a gapping void that should be filled with decorations. This will make your kitchen even more lively.

17. Wine holders

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Wine holders
Wine holders

This wine holders, while they may not provide you a place to keep your wine glasses, can be a good decoration to have if you want practical and nice in one object. It will not contrast with many kitchen aesthetics as well.

18. The utensils rack

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The utensils rack
The utensils rack

Utensils can also be used as a decoration as long as you have a nice rack to keep it hanging. This one in particular can help you hang your utensils and use them as decorations. It ‘completes’ a rusty looking kitchen.

19. Another menu board, this time black

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Another menu board, this time black
Another menu board, this time black

Blackboards and kitchen are a good mix because many ‘classy’ looking kitchens will have them. Not only that they are easy to erase and write on again, they add to the class. Just make sure that you put a sufficient distance between this one and the cooking area because the dust from this board can get into your food.

20. Another hanging garden, but simpler this time

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Another hanging garden, but simpler this time
Another hanging garden, but simpler this time

A simple kitchen calls for a simple decoration, and everything natural is always good. That is why I recommend you to get this one because it fills the natural and the simple checklist. It is a cool thing to look at while you are cooking.

21. The vintage shelf

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas The vintage shelf
The vintage shelf

If you have ever visited a vintage kitchen, you will see an assortment of vintage decorations. Big chance that you have seen something like this. It can be a cup holder and you can put other things inside the four frames.

22. Again, a shelve

kitchen-wall-decor-ideas Again, a shelve
Again, a shelve

Do you know why shelves are popular decoration items? It is because shelves can be used a medium for people to be even more creative. You can put anything in a shelf provided that shelf is strong enough. One such example can be found in this picture.

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