50+ Unique Small Kitchen Ideas That You’ve Never Seen Before

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 13

When we are talking about kitchen, we often found ourselves wanting to have the best and the brightest kitchen of them all. However, we do not have the space nor the money to make it, so we are sad. Lucky for you all who felt that way, I have in me lots of small kitchen ideas for your perusal if you are interested in making a nice kitchen.

These kitchen ideas can and WILL fit the overall theme of your house provided you have chosen the right one. If you chose the wrong one, it is also okay because kitchens are usually not included in the part of the house theme (that is a sarcasm if you do not notice).

1. Simply Grey

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 1

If you like simplicity, then you will prefer this one because this one will probably be the simplest design that I have in mind. If you have a house with the colour of gravel as the major paintwork, then this particular theme will fit like skinny jeans.

2. The Poppin’ Colours

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 2

I am calling this ‘The Poppin’ Colours’ because we got this colourful mosaic sandwiched by the colour white, which in my opinion is a dead colour to work with. The mosaic of colours will pop out when the colour white accompanies them.

3. The Kitchen-Net

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 3

I like cabinets, and I like kitchens as well. Combine the two and you will get The Kitchen-Net. Basically, this is a kitchen inside a cabinet. This is pretty creative and will certainly save you some space for other rooms in your house.

4. The Classic Vintage

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 4

Bricks and woods are vintage objects in this modern age. This one kitchen here is riddled with vintage colours that will satisfy any looking for a vintage kitchen in their house. Be prepared to wow your guests when you show this kitchen to them.

5. The Futuristic Modern

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 5

I like this one kitchen because it is simple and it looks so futuristic to the naked eye. The silver colour seemed to give it a modern aesthetic that any simplicity lovers will love. Be mindful that it will not fit with other house themes aside from the same one this kitchen is.

6. Vintage, but with a modern façade

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 6

I imagine that when I walked into this kitchen, I would find myself confused because of how the kitchen is vintage but not. The popping white bricks and the furnishings will make it look like a vintage collection, but somehow this one serves a modern house more than a vintage one.

7. The Studio Kitchen

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 7

You know those kitchens they use in cooking shows and whatnots? To make it easier for audience and the host to reach for the utensils and the kitchen appliances, they make a kitchen with a kitchen island so that reaching one place from another will be easy. You can easily apply this one in your house.

8. The Oh So Simple

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 8

Small house requires a small, full-fitted kitchen. This one, although it is named the oh-so-simple, is what I call the perfect simple kitchen thanks to the availability of everything in here. The shelves near the stove will certainly make it easier for you to reach the much needed spices.

9. The Vintage Kitchen Library

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 9

I called this one that particular name because the rack to the side makes it look like a library. Instead of filled with riddling books, this one rack is filled with important utensils for your kitchen. I also get the vintage library vibes when I walked in this kitchen.

10. The Kitchen in the Corner

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 10

If your house is small, you need to use every corners within your house. This one here will fit the empty corner of your house perfectly. I also like the window because with such positioning you can stalk on your neighbour from the safety of your kitchen, just like lots of grumpy mothers would do.

If you do not like to stalk, the window will give your kitchen a touch of the sun to prevent it from being too dark.

11. Kitchen in Pink

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 11

While this is not technically pink (it is more of a reddish like thingy), and the colour itself does not exactly fill the kitchen, you have to admit the colour pops out like a sore thumb when it is paired with the pale white.
This one will be a sore thumb that some of you will like, however.

12. Another grey, but with a different take

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 12

The colour grey has been associated with lots of different meanings, but when you put it to the kitchen, it just screams creativity. Paired with more natural colours such as the wood brown and the picture frames, you will get a kitchen that is vintage-ly homey.

13. Naturally Modern Aesthetic

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 13

The colour white always represents modernity in my opinion. The same can be said with natural and the colour brown. With the combination of the two, you will get a kitchen that looks natural while still keeping with the modern tradition as well.

14. ‘It is modern, but with my own twist’ kitchen

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 14

I like this kitchen because it does not actually comply with lots of kitchen rules. Honestly, I cannot categorize this kitchen into modern or vintage because of the combinations found within it. It screams vintage, but the green colour does not make it look like that. That is why I am calling this a modern, but with a twist kitchen.

15. The Somewhere in the Middle

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 15

You might be wondering why I called this kitchen the Somewhere in the Middle, but when I saw the design, I was reminded of a middle eastern house with their aesthetically pleasing patterns and whatnots. This kitchen got interesting pattern for the floor and some part of the wall, so that is why I am calling this with the name. The wall decorations make it look pretty Asian in origin as well.

16. The Modern Corner

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 16

When you want to jam a modern kitchen in your tightly fitted house, then you can look no further than this idea. This one kitchen is pretty compact and it can fit a table for two as well. A small place where you can cook and eat is never a bad place.

17. The Pure Corner

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 17

This is my most favourite kitchen name ever because it tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this kitchen. The white colour makes it so pure and clear and the sudden colours above works perfectly well with the white. Be a tough in the butt when cleaning moment comes, though.

18. This proves that black and white are two long lost lovers

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 18

Love will make anything work. It can stop wars, it can stop conflicts, and it can mend any pain. Love can also make any kitchen looks good, evident when the love between the colour black and white happens. It is simple, but lovely.

19. The grey side of white

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 19

I never thought that the colour grey will work with white, but it does. Added to the combination is a popping pattern that will accentuate both the colour white and the colour grey. Living in grey never felt so good until now.

20. The corner, again, but blue

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 20

People loves to use ever inches of their house when they got a small house, that is why a corner kitchen will always stay strong when we are talking about small kitchen designs. The colour blue will give it the live that you have always sought for.

The yellow snacks make a perfect contrast to the blue, but not everyday you can get yellow snacks, so they are not that mandatory.

21. The modern vintage with an island

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 21

Kitchen island is a good addition if you have a space to spare for your kitchen, and this one design in particular makes it look better to have a kitchen island rather than a gaping emptiness in the middle of your small kitchen.

22. The future is now

Unique Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use 22

At first glance, this kitchen does not look substantial. In the future, however, nothing is ever substantial. The simple look this kitchen gives makes it a perfect futuristic looking kitchen and the appliances themselves only add to the look. Add to the mix a bar thingy like and you will have a nice little kitchen you can spend your time on.

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