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20+ Best Spring Flowers for Your Garden


Are you looking for spring flowers to plant in your garden? The first spring flowers are a sign of warm weather coming. We have compiled a list to help you decide which spring flowers to plant this year.

Spring flowers are fragrant and beautiful as they add color to your garden. You must carefully select the flowers to plant in your garden. Take a look at the flowers to plant this spring.

Spring Flowers to Grow This Spring

Here is a list of flowers that are best for this year spring.

1. Pansy

Pansy Flowers
Pansy Flowers

Pansies are cool growers, they bloom early and strong to frost and snow. They continue to bloom until the weather turns hot. Pansies are colorful flowers with faces and have an extensive range of colors. They are perfect for containers, ground covers, and borders.

2. Yellow Trillium

Yellow Trillium
Yellow Trillium

Yellow Trillium is a mid-to-late spring bloomer that has a yellow flower. Along with this, it has 3 mottled dark green leaves. This a woodland flower that is better to be paired with a shade lover plant. The fragrance of this spring flower is faint of lemon oil. It grows approximately about 14 inches.

3. Hellebore

Hellebore Flowers
Hellebore Flowers

Hellebore is lasting garden plants that feature elegant flowers. It is often referred to as Christmas rose or Lenten rose. This is a true spring plant as it can brighten up nay shady place. They are a welcome sight in the late winter and early spring as they can bear light frosts. The various varieties of Hellebore provide different colored flowers, from white to black.

4. Bloodroot

Bloodroot flowers
Bloodroot Flowers

It is an early spring flower that grows best in woodland or shaded garden. This spring flower is a humble plant that has white flowers. It is considered as one of the most beautiful flowers for spring. The nickname came from the fact that it bleeds red sap from the roots of the flower. This spring flower blooms in March until late spring.

5. Snowdrop Anemone

Snowdrop Anemone
Snowdrop Anemone

Another great spring flower is Snowdrop anemone as it appears in late spring and early summer. This plant is perfect for ground cover because it forms a dense patch. The plant features a slightly fragrant, yellow-centered white flowers. An interesting fact about snowdrop anemone is that the plant will bloom again when the fall comes.

6. Redbud

Redbud flowers
Redbud Flowers

Redbud is among the most famous ornamental trees. They are perfect for bringing in color to your garden because they have a dramatic display. It is one of the earliest spring growing flower tree. The tree has purple-pink flowers that bloom all over the tree. They are shade lover plant that has a yellow fall color.

7. Lilac

Lilac flowers
Lilac Flowers

Lilacs are great spring flowers, they first appear in mid- spring. Mostly, they feature a single purple flower having white edges. But the flowers cab range from pink to purple as well. Other varieties of lilacs that are available have white or yellow flowers. The shrub of lilacs will fill your garden with color and scent. Along with this, they are an ideal source for shade. Usually, the lilacs ranged from dwarf varieties to taller trees reaching up to 30 feet.

8. Acoma Iris

Acoma Iris
Acoma Iris

Acoma Iris has a wide range of varieties that vary in shape, color, and size. This plant is distinguished by their large and distinct flowers. They feature six different petals, 3 of them curve upwards and the rest are downwards. They upwards are called standards whereas the downwards are called falls. Iris flowers are large and attractive to bees. The colors of the flower may blue, purple, orange-red, white, maroon, orange and brown. They will make any garden shine at the end of spring.

9. Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth

The plant of grape hyacinth is smaller, about 6 to 8 inches tall. Every grape hyacinth flower appears to be like little beads tied together up and owns the stem of the plant. They have a nice shade of blue that has a very sweet and light scent. They are perfect spring flowers as it grows in mid spring.

10. Harmony Iris

Harmony Iris
Harmony Iris

Harmony Iris is a dwarf Iris that has vibrant royal blue to purple flowers. They are perfect for blooming in late winters to early-spring. These flowers have a sweet scent that you can enjoy in your home.

11. Grand Maitre Crocus

Grand Maitre Crocus
Grand Maitre Crocus

The Grand Maitre is an early spring flower that has a purple, pink, white and yellow petals. These perennials grow from a corm and vary in sizes from delicate flowers to more eye-catching types. It is among the bets flowers for spring.

12. Daffodil

Daffodil flower
Daffodil Flowers

The sunny yellow daffodils are the beauty of mid-spring flowers. They have different varieties that have different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the flower has a trumpet-shaped and sometimes large-cupped to double. They are perfect for planting between borders or shrubs. Daffodils look beautiful in the woodland garden.

13. Tulip

Tulip flowers
Tulip Flowers

Tulip is one of the most famous spring flowers of all time. They are available in an extensive range of colors, shapes, and height. The tulip is perfect for every setting, starting from naturalized woodland to borders of the garden. You can have tulips growing from early spring to late spring.

14. Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite
Winter Aconite

Winter aconites are perfect for planting in early spring. They provide a golden glow into your garden. The flowers are of cup shape and the time of their growth is little.

15. Puschkinia

Puschkinia flowers
Puschkinia Flowers

Puschkinia features silvery-blue flowers that are sometimes called striped squills. They can bloom from early spring to mid-spring. It can survive in sun to partial shade and is perfect when paired with daffodils. They can grow and multiply if happy making them perfect for springs. Puschkinia has a sweet fragrant and is trouble-free.

16. Bluestar

Bluestar flowers
Bluestar Flowers

Bluestar is a flower that blooms best from mid-spring to late-spring. They bloom in a spectacular collection of powder blue flowers. The amount of foliage remains beautiful all summer long. It is called Bluestar because of the soft blue color and star like the shape of the flowers.

17. Summer Snowflake

Summer Snowflake
Summer Snowflake

Another great spring flower is Summer Snowflake. The flowers bloom in mid-spring to late-spring. They are winter hardy and heat tolerant that can survive best in sun to partial shade. It features 4 to 8 bell-shaped snow-white flowers with green tipped petals. They have a soft chocolate scent.

18. Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea
Oakleaf Hydrangea

For the spring gardeners, this late-spring flower provides a vigorous and reliable growth. Along with this, they have flowers are greenish white in the beginning and later pick up light shades of pink and brown. They lobbed leaves can grow up to 12 inches. They are green in spring and turn red and orange in autumn.

19. Pink Discovery, Azalea

Pink Discovery Azalea
Pink Discovery Azalea

These flowers are best for spring when paired with hellebore for the borders. They have vibrant pink colored flowers that bloom in clusters. They have a cone-like a shape and best thrives in full sun environment. Pink Discovery adds color and brightness to your garden.

20. Double Rock Rose

Double Rock Rose
Double Rock Rose

Rock Rose is versatile as they are best to grow in a rock garden or the hot sunny environment. They have double flowers of soft baby pink on the top of the bright green foliage. They are hardy, trouble-free and drought tolerant, the flowers bloom from late spring to midsummer.

21. Miniature Snowflake, Mock Orange

Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange
Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange

This is a dwarf flowering shrub with a shape of the vase. The double flowers have a wonderful scent and provide a pleasant spring landscape accent. It is densely branched with attractive lush green leaves. They can easily grow in full sunny environment to partial shade.

Therefore, these spring flowers are best for all the flower lovers to plant this year. If you have any suggestions, please a comment below.

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