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Top 10 Best Tv Stand With Mount Ideas In 2019 [Reviews]


The TV stand with mount is one of the best ways to keep your TV safe and stable for a great watching. The stands are also adjustable and swivel, which makes it elementary to achieve the best angle to watch from. In addition to this, they will also offer you a long-term service.

For the right TV stand with mount, you have to consider a number of factors like; maximum weight capacity, TV size, durability and the price. The other features you will check out for are the adjustable height and finish in some cases.

1. Rfiver Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount

Rfiver Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount and Two Shelves

The floor TV stands are excellent due to the better view they will offer. This is one quality and reliable TV stand with the mount you should try out. The TV stand is very strong since it can support different TVs of between 32 to 65 inches. In addition to this, the TV stand has the capacity of carrying TVs of up to 110 lbs.

Apart from this; the TV stand is easily adjustable. With up to nine points of adjustment, the TV stand mount will assure you of reliable and convenient services. Additionally, it is a swivel stand that you easily rotate to suit your need. Other than this, it features the wire management solution for easy organizing of all wires.


  • Height adjustment
  • Supports up to 110 lbs
  • Wire management solution
  • Swivel bracket

2. GrainBin Strong Universal TV Table Stand with Mount

Strong Universal TV Table Riser,TV Stand,TV Mount Stand

You can now position your TV in any given direction when you get this elegant TV stand with mount. The product is constructed using the best quality of material that offers it a long-term service. Secondly, the TV stand is VESA compatible, which allows it to accommodate a number of TVs. With this, you will find it great for daily use.

With up to four levels of free height adjustments, you can always adjust the TV to any height for the ultimate view. It also supports different TV brands; hence the most versatile option you have. The TV stand with mount is very sturdy and can accommodate weights of up to 88 lbs. For easy management of all the cables, this high-quality tables will definitely suit you.


  • Four adjustment levels
  • Supports a load of 88 lbs
  • VESA compatible
  • Cable management clip

3. WE Furniture Wood TV Stand with Mount

WE Furniture 58 Wood TV Stand Console with Mount

For a quick assembling, here is a perfect TV stand with the mount you need to try out. The TV stand with mount will take you about 15 minutes to fully assemble; hence ideal for everyone. This high-quality TV stand is one that will suit all kinds of living rooms. This is due to the fact that it features the powder coat that makes it stylish and eye-catching.

Apart from this, the TV stand is also strong and will support TV of up to 60-Inches in size. This makes it a versatile choice you never want to miss. This product is also adjustable to different heights. Lastly, the TV stand provides additional storage spaces that you can use for keeping things like books.


  • High-grade MDF
  • Durable laminate
  • Elegant finish
  • Ample storage space

4. Ollieroo Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount

Ollieroo Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount

A durable and sturdy TV stand with mount will definitely guarantee you of a long-term service you need. The Ollieroo Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount is one great pick that is constructed with a quality material; hence serve long. The TV stand is also strong and reliable as it can accommodate TVs of different sizes.

It supports fro, 26 to 65 inches with a maximum weight of 110 lbs. Due to this, it suits a number of homes with the medium TV sizes. Apart from this, the TV stand supports the VESA, which means that it is highly compatible with all TV stands. Since the TV comes with all parts and assembling tools, you will always assemble it in minutes. It also allows for height adjustment.


  • Premium steel body
  • Easy assembly
  • VESA compatible
  • Strong and reliable

5. Whalen Furniture Flat Screen Stand with Mount, PROEC41

Whalen Furniture Flat Panel TV Stand and Entertainment Console

One characteristic of the TV stand with mount should always have the swivel. With this quality and elegant TV stand, you get a 45-degree swivel to the right and left; hence you can always turn the TV to different sides. This makes it reliable and convenient as you are assured of the best view. Other than this, the TV stand is also strong enough to accommodate TVs of up to 47-inches.

This makes it perfect and will always support a weight of up to 110 lbs. To easily manage all the cables on the table, it features the concealed cable management that will keep all cables in one place. Additionally, this TV stand is now available at a discounted price even though it is one quality choice.


  • Concealed cable management
  • Floor levelers
  • Universal mount
  • 45-degree swivel

6. Fitueyes Universal Table Top TV Stand with Mount, TT107002GB

FITUEYES Universal TV Stand, Base Swivel Tabletop TV Stand with Mount

The stability of the TV stand with mount is very essential when you want to be assured of the safety of your TV. This is a stable TV stand that features up to 6-pieces runner pads on the bottom part. With this, it will always remain stable and will protect the furniture. It also lightweight; hence you can easily carry it with you.

The TV stand will assure you of a long-term service since it is built to last. In addition to this, the TV stand with mount can support up to 110 pounds. This makes it appropriate for TVs of between 32 inches to 65 inches. Besides this, the TV stand is also easily adjustable to different heights. With the swivel, you can always rotate the TV to different angles that will suit your viewing.


  • Supports up to 110 pounds
  • VESA compatible
  • HDMI cables
  • Sturdy and durable

7. 1Homefurnit Universal Table Top TV Stand with Mount

1homefurnit Universal Table Top Pedestal TV Stand with Bracket

For all the LCD, Plasma, or LCD TVs, this is the appropriate TV stand that will offer the best services needed. This quality TV stand with mount will provide you with reliable services as you can always adjust it to different heights. Secondly, the TV stand with mount also features the best cable management system.

This will aid in hiding all the cables to avoid the scattering of the cables on the table top. Other than this, this quality TV stand has all you require for the installation. With this, you will take the least time to complete the installation process. It is also stable and sturdy to accommodate up to 90 lbs. You can, therefore, mount TVs of between 32 to 55 inches.


  • 90 lbs maximum load
  • Cable management system
  • Simple assembly
  • Rubber anti-slip feet

8. Fitueyes Swivel TV Stand with Mount, TT207001MB


FITUEYES Floor tv Stand with Mount Two Shelves

Do you have a medium TV size and needs a perfect TV stand with mount for it? This is one perfect pick you will never hesitate to try out. The TV stand features a sleek design that will bring about a modern look with a better view. Secondly, the TV has the ability to swivel. This will enhance the viewing angle to enable you to enjoy the watching from any given side.

Apart from this, the TV stand is highly durable. This is due to fact that it features a strong and sturdy construction. You can easily adjust the TV stand and it will suit as from 32 inches to 65 inches. Additionally, the quality TV stand provides you with a rack that can be rotated.


  • Sleek design
  • Two shelves
  • VESA compatible
  • Rotatable rack
  • Swivel stand

9. Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount

Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount

When you got limited space for the TV, this is the ideal TV stand with a mount that will offer the ultimate support for your TV. It can support up to 50-inches TVs, which makes it reliable for the smaller living rooms. In addition to this, the TV stand comes with two fixed shelves that you can put other devices and items. The process of assembling may require two people though it is fast and easy.

The TV stand is also easily adjustable and this will allow for the best view from all angles. Other than this, the TV stand features a black and glossy finish that makes it great for all living rooms. Despite the elegant nature and quality features, the stand is budget-friendly. It also has two storage cubes for easy organization of all the electronics.


  • Two storage cubes
  • Two fixed shelves
  • Easily adjustable
  • Laminated MDF

10. ECHOGEAR Universal Table Top TV Stand with Mount

ECHOGEAR Universal Tabletop TV Swivel Stand

With up t 75-degree swivel on both sides, you will easily move the TV in different directions to suit your watching needs. The TV stand is also adjustable to about 4-inches, which aids in reducing the glare as you can watch from any given position. Other than this, the TV stand with mount is simple and fast to install.

In about 15-30 minutes, you shall be done with the installation process. It is a stable and steady TV stand that will always assure you of the safety of the TV. This makes it also durable and ideal for different TVs of up to 60-inches. The cost of the TV stand is pocket-friendly and will always suit your budget. This is one great pick you never want to miss.


  • 4-inches of adjustment
  • 75-degree swivel
  • Strong and steady
  • Highly durable

TV Stand with Mount Buying Guide

With the various TV stand with mounts on the market, every buyer must be careful and know the exact type of stand that will suit his/her TV. Here are some key features and factors for the best purchase.


For the stability and long-term service of the TV stand, you should always check out the construction. Most of them are constructed using quality steel material while others are wooden. Despite this, you have to get one that is stable and sturdy for a long-term service. You also have to check for the bottom part that needs to be non-slip.

Size of TV:

Despite the TV stands with mounts being adjustable, you have to consider the size of the TV when making the order. This is due to the fact that they support different TV sizes; hence find one that will suit the size of your TV. Apart from this, you also have to check out for the maximum weight capacity of the TV stand.

Adjustability and Swivel:

These are essential factors that you should always check when you wish to achieve different watching positions. The stand needs to be adjustable to different heights. It also needs to have a swivel of above 45-degrees. This will make the movement of the TV either to the left or right simpler; hence you can watch from different positions.


The TV stands always vary in prices based on a number of factors. For example, the weight it can accommodate, swivel, and adjustability. Irrespective of all the variance in cost, you only need to go for one that is budget-friendly. You also have to check out for the warranty period of the TV stand with mount.

These are some major considerations to look out when making the purchase. Additionally, you can also check out for the design, color, and finish of the TV stand with mount. By checking out for all these, you shall definitely find the ideal pick.


Depending on the size of your TV, you now have a wide selection of all the stands with mounts that you need to pick from. These stands consist of the top rated and recommended the d product that you will always find suitable for your budget.

Other than this, they are also simple to assemble since they come with the manual and all parts in the box. Additionally, the TV stands with the mount are also durable and adjustable to different heights. To get any of these delivered, you should just place an order now and you will definitely like it.

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