How Much Budget Bathroom Remodel You Need?

Are you going to estimate budget bathroom remodel that you need for make your old and dull bathroom into gorgeous one? From Remodeling Magazine’s cost VS Value Report said that average cost for remodeling bathroom is about $10.500. In other side, if you need upscale remodel, then you need about $26.000 up.

However, if you do some project by yourself and be more creative, then you can press down the budget till $1000-$3000 for remodel bathroom depending on how much change that you make for the remodel. There are several things that you can do for save your budget when you remodel your bathroom.

Cost for bathroom remodel estimation for small bathroom

If you have think for remodel your bathroom, then this can be good starting point to you to start your remodel ideas project.

1. Layout

Budget Bathroom Remodel Chic Meets Cheerful

Chic Meets Cheerful

One factor that influence on remodel cost that you need to bear is the layout model that you choose. Keep in your mind, if the new layout that you choose need much of renovating, then it means that the price will be higher. Renovate means that take down wall and put up components for new remodel. When you think for high end layout, you need to spend more.

2. Cost of material

Budget Bathroom Remodel Southern Charm

Southern Charm

The materials cost for small bathroom remodel can cost about 8000 to $10.000. This includes for fixtures that new to buy such as new toilet, new tub or new sink. This also can include the cost for new tiling and countertop sink.

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3. Cost of labor

Budget Bathroom Remodel Peaceful Powder Room

Peaceful Powder Room

In general, the cost of labor for your bathroom remodel project can take double as much as the material has. For example, rough estimation for bathroom with 100 square feet size, the labor cost can take average $12.000 to $13.000 for high end bathroom remodel project. If there are some things of detail that you can do by yourself (DIY) then it will save your cost for your bathroom remodel project.

Breakdown estimation for the bathroom remodel project

Budget Bathroom Remodel Simple and Serene

Simple and Serene

Here are some ideas for cost that you might need to count when you start your bathroom remodel project. Think about how you can make your remodel, take mix and match by incorporate and complement the furnishing and décor to create cool and over time look for your bathroom.

  1. New toilet cost about $175
  2. New cabinet cost about $350
  3. New vanity cabinet cost about$200
  4. New floor tile cost about $800
  5. Plumbing material and supplies cost about $500
  6. Non-plumbing labor cost about $9000
  7. New countertop tile cost about$200
  8. New tub cost about $450
  9. New sink cost about $100
  10. Miscellaneous building material and supplies cost about $500
  11. The total estimation for remodel bathroom in small project is cost about $14.975.

Inexpensive ideas for bathroom remodeling ideas by budget

Budget Bathroom Remodel Minimalist Luxe

Budget Bathroom Remodel Minimalist Luxe

  1. Limit the tile use. Recently, tile get higher price and higher when you hire the professional to install for you. For save your money, limit the tile that you use for your bathroom.
  2. Save your budget for counter tops. The trending home improvement is splurge in granite counter top. Since the bathroom counter so small, then the cost that need to spend is less than in kitchen counter and others. How to save your bathroom granite tops? Here the tips for save your cost. First, look the color option. Neutral colors such as light beige, tan or brown are more expensive due to its popularity. You can choose wider swath colors to take. Second, you can buy the slab that contains imperfections. Look out for more visible imperfection because it will have cheaper price.
  3. Paint. If you do not have much budget for spending in remodel project, then repainting become alternative for cheapest and possible becomes the most effective way for create new look for your bathroom.
    Then, what you need to start to repaint your bathroom? Since this can be smallest area in your home, you will need more time to spend. This because you need to start to paint slowly and smooth from around window, shower and tub, mirror, sink, and wall corners, even at floors. This will take much time and patience. Remember, when you repaint, you also need to consider the mildew and mold that can develop in bathroom easier. In addition, humidity and temperature also change too often. Therefore, have high-quality paint is important.
  4. Update fixtures. After look for large areas, then you can continue to detail for your bathroom remodel. There are some details that you can choose such as update your light fixtures option, towel racks, tissue drawer, sink, and many more. These items might not look insignificant to change, but when you update them in bathroom remodel; it can create big difference in bathroom outlook.
  5. Redo, not always to buy new stuff. Replace old tub or shower can go pretty. But if you make your shower or tub relined by professional, it will be cheaper than buy the new one.
  6. Buy used. You can save your bathroom remodel cost when you buy the used one.
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When you start your bathroom remodeling, then the first thing that you need to determine is how much the cost that you can spend for bathroom remodeling. This is for determine the extent changes that you can make. When you have budget less than $1000 then what you can do is something such as cut out the cosmetic changes such as new sink or new fixtures.

When you have more budgets to spend, then you can focus larger on changes you need such as add larger tile areas, have window, or bigger shower areas. Again, the remodeling for bathroom is depending to budget that you want to spend. If you have an urgency to remodel your bathroom, then estimate what is the most crucial things that you need to changes.

Remodel your bathroom is not only about changes and make the new look for your old bathroom, but this also how you can add the home value by doing home improvement just in one area, bathroom. Sometimes, when you get less budget bathroom remodel, your home value-added most 100%.

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