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65+ Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Washing in Style


Whether it is teensy shower stall, powder room or a small bathroom, a not so functional washroom definitely can cramp your style. With creative small bathroom remodel ideas, even the tiniest washroom can be as comfortable as a lounge. Perfect-sized sink and countertop with minimalist shower represents the ideal small bathroom one should have.

A change of furniture and its location is the key for more functional bathroom to suit any kinds of interior design. Give the bathroom a chance to present itself as a perfect place for morning routine, storing stuffs and styling solutions. Be inspired with these super creative and functional remodel ideas that always work for tiny small bathroom.

1. Mediterranean Styled Two Piece Bathroom

Mediterranean Styled Two Piece Bathroom
Mediterranean Styled Two Piece Bathroom

Mediterranean styled tiles installed on the wall are beautifully combined with classic medium size mirror, white sink, gold faucet and twin candle-look lamp. No countertop and cabinets added allow more spaces for styling and doing the morning routine.

2. Elegant Goldy 3-Piece Bathroom

Elegant Goldy 3-Piece Bathroom
Elegant Goldy 3-Piece Bathroom

White marble sink countertop with black cabinet underneath and metal gold mirror soothe the mood. Right by the sink is white toilet and separated shower room with glass door. Gold pendant lighting installed on the wall brings romantic lighting around.

3. Abstract Styled Small Bathroom

Abstract Styled Small Bathroom
Abstract Styled Small Bathroom

Dominate the whole wall decoration is the abstract painting with irregular blue dots. Right above the singe white sink with gold faucet is simple styled mirror with twin red lamps on each side. Abstract painting on one side adds more character.

4. Modern Full Bathroom in White

Modern Full Bathroom in White
Modern Full Bathroom in White

White represents purity so this small bathroom is dominated with white wall, white sink with silver faucet and white tub. Frameless mirror is added above the sink with a towel rod beneath. To create the contrast, wood floor is chosen.

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5. Classis Favorite Small Bathroom with Nature Element

Classis Favorite Small Bathroom with Nature Element
Classis Favorite Small Bathroom with Nature Element

A classic touch never fails. This time, golden marble countertop and sink is combined together with triple cabinets underneath. On the side is a classic white toilet decorated with a vase and growing trees. A perfect size of shower room is decorated with multiple styled tiles.

6. Ultra Modern 3-Piece Bathroom

Decorative vases in a small bathroom
Ultra Modern 3-Piece Bathroom

Simplicity is its beauty. On one side, single white rectangular sink with towel storage underneath and a toilet on the side is made fully functional with full-sized frameless mirror. On the other side, a modern styled shower area is separated with glass door.

7. Spacious Minimalist Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Desigining a small bathroom in an elegant and soothing manner
Spacious Minimalist Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Simple yet gorgeous is what this spacious bathroom represents. Soft brown wooden tile nicely combines the soft grey wall color. Wood pendant lighting above the sink adds another wooden element beside wooden window. In the center is a rectangular bathroom rug for warmth and a mini coffee table book for books.

8. Classic 3-Piece White Bathroom

Green fern in a crisp white bathroom
Classic 3-Piece White Bathroom

Big rectangular window is the main element allowing maximum natural lights into the bathroom. For brighter bathroom, white wall is chosen to go with white single sink and toilet. Small vase with greenery plant adds color into the area.

9. Elegant Full Bathroom in White

Elegant Full Bathroom in White
Elegant Full Bathroom in White

Small full bathroom always makes your day. This time, the bathroom is dominated with grey wall color, stainless steel towel rod, and beautiful white lamp. A small single white sink is made functional with black cabinet beneath.

10. Luxury Minimalist Full Bathroom

Luxury touches in a modern vintage bathroom
Luxury Minimalist Full Bathroom

A fabulous bathroom design with grey wall color and abstract grey tiles. Chandelier above modern mounted white sink gives elegant beauty while spacious shower area spoils the owners anytime. Framed rectangular mirror adds more luxurious into the area.

11. Simple Modern Brown Dominated Bathroom

Modern countertop bathroom accessories
Simple Modern Brown Dominated Bathroom

Clear to see how the owners love the color of browny gold from the floor and wall tiles, countertop and the lighting above the mirror. White sink, toilet and tub creates nice contrast to balance the feeling.

12. Simplistic White Bathroom

Modern ledge shelving in a small bathroom
Simplistic White Bathroom

The owner is not a fan of complicated and detailed bathroom accessories so she goes with the simplest option possible. White sink on rectangular grey countertop and brown cabinet beneath with wooden framed mirror becomes an inseparable element.

13. Green White Styled Modern Bathroom

Modern soap dish in a contemporary bathroom
Green White Styled Modern Bathroom

A combination of nature colors, green and white gives soothing mood in the area. White wall tiles become main decoration to go with white sink, countertop, cabinet, toilet and also white bath tub. Beautiful white bulb lamp makes the bathroom brighter.

14. Nature Calls Modern Bathroom

Orchid in an Asian-style bathroom
Nature Calls Modern Bathroom

Somehow, this bathroom represents nature elements that it feels like it is actually a part of the nature itself. Its wood floor tiles, stone wall, a small vase with beautiful flowers and a small wood bench for relaxing.

15. Color Pop Custom Bathroom

Playful details in a modern bathroom
Color Pop Custom Bathroom

A bathroom belongs to an owner with high creativity. White bathroom wall makes the strongest element and is nicely combined with black and white mounted sink. Above is a wooden framed mirror and storage with single lamp bulb for lighting.

16. Art Piece Filled Bathroom

Silhouette artwork in a compact bathroom
Art Piece Filled Bathroom

Bathroom should be a place filled with personal creativity like this bathroom with human silhouette photos in frame and mirrors in various sizes. White sink with stainless steel faucet and a classic single tower rod add beautiful details.

17. Modern His and Her Bathroom

Sleek wall-mounted washbasins for the small modern bathroom
Modern His and Hers Bathroom

An ideal bathroom for couples, double his and hers white sink with towel rod beneath, double white mirror, and a single pendant lighting bulb for main attraction. Soft brown wooden floor adds warmth while grey wall balances the mood.

18. Bright Modern Full Bathroom

Bright Modern Full Bathroom
Bright Modern Full Bathroom

Big window is always a plus for every bathroom for more natural light. Across the window is a single white sink with cabinet beneath and white toilet. On the side is a medium sized white bath tub with rain shower.

19. Elegant Luxury Main Bathroom

Special touches in an elegant bathroom
Elegant Luxury Main Bathroom

A classic option of bathroom with black marble countertop, white single sink, stainless steel faucet, framed mirror, white toilet and a classic American window for natural light. Shower area is made fully functional with rain shower.

20. Piece of Art Studio Bathroom

Tent detailing in a traditional bathroom
Piece of Art Studio Bathroom

A bathroom that catches the attention real quickly with its gorgeous shiny stone sink, golden faucet, framed mirror and double wall mounted lamps. Across is a big portrait of Asian couple in 1600s mounted on army blue wall.

21. Simple Brown 3-Piece Bathroom

Towels and soaps in a small bathroom
Simple Brown 3-Piece Bathroom

An ideal bathroom for the first floor. Brown countertop dominates the element along with brown tiles and wall. For contrast is small single sink with stainless steel faucet. A small shower area across the toilet optimizes the bathroom’s use.

22. Earthy Toned Small Bathroom

Wooden ledge in the bathroom
Earthy Toned Small Bathroom

Earth elements are strong in this bathroom with the stone bathtub and stone wall tiles. A long storage area is lined on one side and is decorated with frameless mirror. For contrast, dark brown floor tiles are installed.

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    I am thinking about doing a full bathroom makeover this year and was considering both for the new bathroom. Thanks for sharing, I feel inspired to keep designing it!

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