35 Best Privacy Wall Ideas for a Deck, Patio and Backyard

Tiered Fence - privacy wall ideas

Welcome to our site. Check the 35 best of privacy wall ideas for patios. Below you will find a summary of the benefits, main options, and some design ideas we handpicked for you along with beautiful photos. Enjoy!

What are the benefits of privacy walls in patios?

  1. Provides a peaceful getaway – you can enjoy much-needed downtime on the patio (alone or with loved ones) with reduced street noise and with privacy
  2. Adds a design element to your home exterior – privacy walls and curtains can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase home value
  3. Available in many styles – can be readily bought or custom made to suit the level of privacy you need, choose among different materials and designs

What are the main options for patio privacy walls?

  1. Material: wood (cedar, pine), vinyl, concrete (rough, bricks/faux bricks), stucco, stone (exposed, veneer), bricks, wrought iron, curtains
  2. Style: paneled, slatted, planked, shiplap, convex scalloped criss cross fence, tiered fence
  3. Color: white (cream), brown (dark, beige), olive green, red, gray, violet (purple)
    Features: wood wall panels, wall sconces, window mirror, foliage, mural, niches, trellis

What follows are beautiful photos of patios with privacy walls, along with design ideas we thought may be of interest to you. For more patio ideas, take a look at Covered Patio Ideas, Backyard Patio Designs and Ideas, Stone Patio Ideas, Brick Patio Ideas and Patio Designs with Fireplaces. Enjoy and happy outdoor decorating!

1. Privacy Curtains

Privacy Curtains - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • multicolored privacy curtains on white rods
  • white coffee table with open shelf underneath and white nailhead detail
  • white seating furniture with orange welts
  • dark brown decorative bamboo sticks

2. Moorish Touches

Moorish Touches - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • white walls with 2 Moorish wood wall panels
  • handpainted terracotta wall tiles with yellow semi-circle shelf
  • yellow wooden settee
  • 2 blue fluted planters
  • 2 colored glass and brass cylinder wall sconces

3. Ribbon Fireplace

Ribbon Fireplace - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • brown vinyl privacy fence with 2 wall sconces
  • brown wooden pergola with lantern pendant light
  • TV niche above ribbon fireplace
  • gray ceramic garden stool
  • printed cement tiled flooring

4. Boulder Capstone

Boulder Capstone - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • stone veneer patio walls
  • segmental arched window mirror
  • open fireplace with boulder capstone and herringbone tiled firebox
  • cast stone console table with multi-sized planters
  • 2 copper spiral fluted end tables

5. Topiary Bushes

Topiary Bushes - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • stone veneer wall accentuated by natural boulders
  • topiary bushes framing the seating area
  • weathered seating furniture with light gray cushions
  • dark glass topped coffee table with wicker base
  • 2 light blue parasols

6. Fire Pit Table

Fire Pit Table - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • dark brown wood and beige shiplap privacy fence
  • beige and white striped privacy curtain
  • gas fire pit granite waterfall table with stone base
  • 2 espresso wicker chairs with matching side table

7. Foliage Wall

Foliage Wall - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • white slatted wood fence panel
  • privacy hedge fen
  • 2 white round back bamboo chairs with moss green and white patterned cushions
  • built-in bench with green cushion
  • two-tiered bare wooden coffee table

8. Redwood Deck

Redwood Deck - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • medium-toned wood panel fence
  • alternating smooth and rough gray stone brick wall
  • 2 rattan sun loungers
  • wicker storage bench calling back the rocking chair
  • raised wood box planter
  • redwood deck flooring

9. Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • precast light gray concrete fence
  • exposed aggregate concrete water fountain
  • shiplap home exterior wall with antique bronze wall sconce
  • exposed aggregate flooring with pebble inlay

10. Scalloped Fence

Scalloped Fence - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • convex scalloped criss cross trellis
  • gas mini fire pits with round concrete base
  • topiary balls in tall cube planters
  • square gas fire pit concrete table
  • Buddha wood sculpture
  • faux grass carpet

11. Hanging Birdcages

Hanging Birdcages - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • pale olive green hanging privacy curtains on knobs
  • 2 gray ceramic garden stools
  • 2 hanging birdcages
  • multi-toned red brick exterior wall
  • hand woven wooden chair with pencil legs
  • oil-rubbed bronze steel railing

12. Tiered Fence

Tiered Fence - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • tiered board and batten fence with criss cross top panel
  • gray rattan seating furniture with gray cushions
  • wood slat topped coffee table with rattan legs
  • stone garden path
  • gray soapstone tiled flooring

13. Star-Like String Lights

Star-Like String Lights - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • weathered brick patio wall
  • string and cage pendant lights hanging from tree
  • caramel colored adirondack chairs with multicolored throw pillows
  • oversized black and white zigzag patterned ottoman

14. Wrought Iron Grilles

Wrought Iron Grilles - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • concrete and wrought iron privacy fence
  • rough concrete wall with antique bronze wrought iron grilles and salvaged flower shop sign
  • 3 gray basketweave steel chairs
  • raised garden bed with built-in bench

15. Horizontal Plank Fence

Horizontal Plank Fence - privacy wall ideas

Points of Interest:

  • horizontal cedar fence with built-in planter on top
  • unfinished wooden sofa with white cushions and black and white patterned throw pillows
  • wood planked covered narrow deck
  • contrasting black deck roof posts

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